Monday, March 26, 2012

Stencil a Wall

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Hello Monday... you're here already...?

How was everyone's weekend? 
We started off ours with a great dinner and a movie date. 
Can you guess what we saw?

I thought it was a good movie! I didn't know about the books or listened to any of the hype {didn't want to get disappointed}. So strictly speaking from a *naive* point of told a good story and the characters were endearing. I certainly recommend it if you haven't contributed to the $150 gazillion it made over the weekend.
And then we had happy hour at Twigs.

Then hubby had to work for a few hours on Saturday morning while I taught at the gym. When I got home, I tackled a project that I started working on last week. 
I stenciled the back of our built-ins in the living room.

This was my inspiration ~ from Isabella and Max Rooms.

I used a subtle metallic paint and found a stencil that I liked ~ both from Michael's.
 I started in the middle and worked my way out. If you've stenciled before, you know that it's pretty easy but just time consuming.
Ta-dah!'s very subtle which was my intention but enough to add some interest and *pizazz* to an ordinarily beige wall.
 Here's what it looks like at night.

Project total: $8.67

If you want to learn how to stencil a focal wall....go HERE.

Sunday is chore day which included laundry and meal planing for the week. Oh, and I took a nap for what seemed like 2 hours or so. Boy, did I need it.

In sports news....if you follow March team lost last Thursday [that would be Michigan St. who I picked to win the NCAA Div.1 B-ball tourney]. So now, I am rooting for Kansas to win the whole thing. Don't let me down Jayhawks!

And DD had their opening game this weekend against Loyola of Chicago. They went 1-2.

This is going to be a busy week for me --- we have our launch this Saturday at the gym so lots of practising throughout the week.

Day 23 #marchphotoaday  *Moon*
Day 24 #marchphotoaday  *Animal*

Day 25 #marchphotoaday  *Breakfast*

Have an awesome Monday!

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