Saturday, March 10, 2012

You're NOT gonna win me with that

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Hey friends !

Hubby and I got up early and headed to the gym. He took the RPM class while I taught Body STEP. It's great to have your workout done so early and then have the rest of the day {and weekend} to do other FUN stuff.

We had *date night* last night and it was hubby's turn to pick the spot for happy hour. We decided to check out this new place in town called JJ's Grill and Brewhouse 

It was a disappointment ---- wonk-wonk!
We got there at 4 pm [start of happy hour] and there were a few patrons at the bar already. When the server took our drink orders, he told us that they didn't have any "simple syrup" [isn't that a staple for bars/pub house???] to make my mojito. I opted to have the mojito anyway. Mistake #1. Hubby went safe and had a light beer.
Then we ordered appetizers [$2 off during happy hour]. We chose an order of nachos and *hot* wings.
It took 30 minutes for the food to arrive. The nachos were just okay and the wings were NOT *hot* or spicy. The ?blue cheese dressing was also watery - yikes! Mistake #2.

And when we were ready for the check----the server told us that their computer was "acting up" so we waited another 5-10 minutes ------ nothing! We calculated our total ourselves {old school -- by hand-- eh by smart phone} and came up with the total and left our payment on the table then skidaddled outtathere!

I give that place 1out of 5 winky faces.

You win lose some....

 #marchphotoaday *Red*

Don't forget to spring forward tonight!

Enjoy your day!

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