Friday, March 9, 2012

Frugal Me

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It's Friday, Friday ---- 

I went to the opening of Marshall's in town yesterday. It's a big deal for people who live in a small'ish town like we do. Anytime a big chain or a famous name-store opens up ---- people just flock to it. Don't know if they realize that Marshall's is basically TJ Maxx (owned by same company).

They handed out FREE stuff ----> popcorn, Cinnabons and coffee, and reusable tote bags before you even got in to the store. Tons of people at 9 am!!!

I did pick up a pair of capris and a Livestrong tank [for our upcoming launch at the gym] for $20

The weather was so nice that I even had my car washed afterwards.

Then I headed to Redbox and picked up 2 FREE movies.
One with this hunk....
....and the other was....

Looking forward to date night tonight.
I {heart} date night!

#marchphotoaday *Window*

Have a fun weekend!
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