Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pain in the Belly

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OMG... after my 7 mile run yesterday, I had the worst stomach ache that lasted for hours. Don't know what it was all about. I had leftovers the night before and fried rice and a sunny-side-up egg for breakfast. I thought it might be runner's trot but it wasn't.
(B-fast of eggs and rice)
 Even Smalls was skeptical about what I've been eating.

I could tell it was coming on by about mile 5/6 but I tried to power through it. I also managed to make myself a protein smoothie after the run...and I was fine.

I am much better this morning. But I think I'm gonna skip Body Pump today. I had to sub for a gal who was sick this past Monday (her class was called "Total Body Shred" --- more of strength training) so I did 1/2 STEP and 1/2 PUMP [which meant that I did Body PUMP 2 days in a row]. So I'm gonna take it easy this morning before teaching Zumba tonight.

Easter is this weekend!
Do you have any plans? We're having brunch at my SIL's.

Speaking of Easter ---- what do bunnies like to eat??

CARROTS of course! So I decided to try and make Carrot Bread again. I say try because if you remember Version 1.0 last year, it didn't come out well.

This time, version 2.0 was a success!

Dinner last night was a Ranch Burger Pocket [with homemade Ranch dressing].

DD also had a game yesterday that I watched online. Unfortunately, they lost to Ball state 5-4.

.....taking it easy today.

Have you experienced Runner's trot? Or any other runner's emergency? How did you deal with it?

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