Monday, July 16, 2012

See Jane Run 2012

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Happy Monday morning!

We're back after spending the weekend in Seattle. We left on Friday morning since hubby had the day off. We got in to Seattle around lunchtime and headed to Mizuki sushi. We were slightly disappointed this time around. Sushi selection weren't as good as the last time we were there.

Then we did a little shopping --- headed to Southcenter Mall, walked around and then went to Seafood City to get items on my list.

Checked in to the hotel and had a light dinner in the form of a Vietnamese sandwich from Go Deli nearby.

The next day, we went to pick up our race packets at the Westin hotel, then we went to Performance bike shop for hubby to check out their sale. Lunch was at Bluefin sushi ---- much better sushi!

We headed to the Premium Outlet mall afterwards and walked around. The weather was perfect but there were just TONS of people everywhere [I couldn't stand it]. We walked out empty-handed.

A quick trip to Whole Foods to grab a light dinner and then back to the hotel to rest up before the race the next day.

Sunday morning, breakfast at the hotel included an English muffin with peanut butter and a banana.

Ready to go.

No parking at the race site so we spent about 20 minutes looking for parking around the neighborhood. Once we finally got there, we headed to the porta-potties real quick before the start of the race.

I was a little nervous since I hadn't run a HM in a year. But I was familiar with this course {fairly flat} as I did this race last year, too. It was cold, around 57F at the start with winds and occasional drizzle.

The unfortunate thing was that soon after we started, hubby had a terrible cramp on both of his quads --- too painful to even continue. So he did not get to finish the race but I saw him in a couple of the water stations to cheer me on.

He was at the finish line to take this *dorky* picture of me {thanks, honey!}

My knees started throbbing around mile 4. I just knew that if I stopped, I wouldn't be able to get started again----so I didn't. Had Gu gel around mile 6 and just powered through until the end. I actually felt really good {other than the knee thing} the whole entire race...I even had a lot more energy towards the last 3 miles. 

The difference:

- I tried to be present --- in the moment ---- and just enjoy the run.
- Rest week before the race.
- No Garmin!

I really enjoyed this weekend but felt bad that hubby didn't get to do the race with me. That's okay, since I know there will be plenty more for us to do in the future!

Update: Official time - 2:04:34. Placed 46th in my age group, 262 overall.

He's doing a 112 mile bike ride this weekend. I will be there to cheer him on this time.

How was your weekend?

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