Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy hour at home

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Happy Friday! Any great plans for the weekend?
Besides teaching at the gym, I've got a facial scheduled for today. I think the last time I had one was more than 4 years ago. I just prefer massages to facials so I'm excited to do this one courtesy of Groupon.

Hubby is riding the 8 Lakes Leg Aches tomorrow and then he and I plan to ride the Hiawatha on Sunday.

Since it's Friday --- it's time for Happy Hour!!!
Last week, hubby and I took it easy and served ourselves at home. He had some kind of beer served in a chilled pub beer glass while I  made vodka [Absolut Citron] with club soda and a twist of lime.

Even better than what you'd get at a bar/restaurant......inexpensive, too! Although I didn't get a good tip.

I made Enchilada Chicken to complement the drinks.
Happy hour was nice. quiet.  and best of all frugal.
With my two favorite boys...

Do you try and do more things at home rather than going out???

From DIY's to staycations, there's lots of stuff you can do this weekend if you just find the time and effort to do it. The most important thing is to have FUN and spend that quality time with those you love !

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