Thursday, August 2, 2012

A chance to start over

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We've gone through most of 2012 already and it's odd to think that the holidays will be here in less than 5 months.

Thinking about this reminded me of my goals at the beginning of the year and how it would be a perfect time to check on some failure progress.

  • Continue to work on eating healthier and reducing *junk food* consumption.
This is something I try to work on everyday. It's always difficult because certain circumstances easily lend themselves to indulgence ---- fatigue, laziness, boredom, stress, "Oh it's Friday"...etc. And as you know, I'm currently re-committed by doing a 30 day clean eating challenge

  • Sign up and do at least 1 race per season (5K, 10K or even a HM)
This year, so far, I've done a 5K, a 12K, and 1 HM. I have 1 more HM to run in September so I'd say I'm ahead. Check out my Run page to see links to all the races.
  • Stress less and spend some time meditating and relaxing (i.e. massage at least every other month -- odd months)
Another check --- I've tried to consistently schedule time for myself with a massage at least every month. I even had a pedicure last week [can't even remember when my last one was], and I bought a Groupon for a facial sometime soon.
  • Drink more water
Check - I love lemon water!

Workout (Professional):

  • Get back into teaching Body Attack (HIIT) and incorporate some running back into my regimen.
I started teaching Body Attack again almost at the beginning of the year. Needless to say, I've done some running {see above}.
  • Incorporate yoga back into workouts.
A big fail on this one. I haven't done any yoga at all. I think it's mainly time commitment and sadly, yoga is not one of my favorite activities eventhough I know I need to work on flexibility.

  • Get an app to keep track of personal expenses.
I did! It's called EEBA (Easy Envelope Budget Aide). It's awesome and I use it all the time to manage my *cash*. The only time I forget to track expenses is when I use my credit card [which is really not that often] or when hubby pays for an item for me.

  • Re-organize and redecorate home one room at a time. 
I've done a lot to our main living area: Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room and Garage. I know there's still more rooms to go in the house, but I'm pacing myself --- budget permitting.  Check out my House Proud page to see links to all the home improvements.

So how are you doing with your Goals for 2012? Did you make any Resolutions? 
Or do you even care?

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