Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

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Look who greeted me this morning ?????
It was surprising to see him perched right on top of our fence next to our bathroom window. 
"Early bird gets the worm."
It's gonna be another scorcher today. Temps are supposed to go as high as 98F this afternoon.
Meanwhile, I've been running on the TM while watching the Olympic track and field. It's great motivation, don't you think?

A great deal at Target: These workout tanks were on sale for $10 each. Love the colors, it'll be great for Zumba.
Another frugal deal: Hubby got coupons for Noodle Works and we cashed in with dinner-to-go last week. It's a new Asian/Japanese "fast food" joint right by the university [Gonzaga]. It seemed healthy enough with lots of veggies and option for either rice or noodles. I got the chicken with the spicy mustard sauce over rice while hubby got the beef over noodles. It wasn't as *tasty* as I had expected so overall, it was just ...-meh

It's gonna be beautiful but HOT today. Perfect for a coffee-flavored ice pop {with a little Click protein powder added}.

Stay cool everyone!

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