Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

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Good morning! 

...not so good on my end ---- woke up tired and totally unmotivated today. Waah!

Mind over matter, right?....just gotta power through today especially if I'm gonna do my long run tomorrow.

Dinner last night was Curried Chicken Salad on a lettuce [wrap].

I ♡ Costco, don't you? We've bought tons of junk stuff from Costco over the years! From food, clothes to furniture! Sometimes I go in there just to "look around" and see what's new.

Plus....who doesn't like samples?

Or red velvet cupcakes bigger than my head?

and a cheap...cheap......cheap.... Food Court

Where else can you get a meal for $1.50? I swear if I was homeless, I'd sneak in and eat here all the time.

Ok, so here's my latest find.

Capri pants for $8

Tech shirts for $6

For the quality of athletic wear --- I dare you to find something similar for the same cost or less. You can't beat that price!

Do you love/like Costco? What's been your latest find? Do you find that you spend more than expected?

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