Monday, September 17, 2012

Scenic Sandpoint Half Marathon

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Good Monday morning friends!

I'm a little sore [as expected after running a HM] this morning but surprisingly this is the best I've felt after any HM. My knees are not bothering me and I just have some calf soreness when I woke up but otherwise, that is it! Yay!!!

We drove to Sandpoint, Idaho Saturday afternoon and it took us about an hour and a half to get there. Sandpoint is a small, quiet, sleepy ski-vacation-resort town in the northern tip of Idaho surrounded by mountains and 43-mile long Lake Pend Oreille.
 (Main street)

We stayed at a local La Quinta Inn, which I can best describe as *camping* for one night. The place was quite old, musty and dingy --- but hey, we were only there for 1 night --- I can handle it.
 (View from our room)

We even had a visitor outside our door who wanted to come and stay with us. I declined.
 We named him "Bert" --- Bert the Bat.

Unfortunately, more of the dark, dingy theme that was prevalent everywhere. I had the Basic Cheeseburger with salad on the side while hubby had the Elk Burger. {Overpriced but nothing special}.

Our hotel included a free breakfast in the morning. I had my usual pre-race breakfast of English muffin with PB on top and a banana.

Then we headed off to the Start line.
Good morning sleepy head!

It was quite chilly in the morning, maybe around the 50's. I tried to get rid of my *throw-away jacket" but decided to wear it at least for the first few minutes of the run. Race started at 8:30, would have liked to have started around 8am.

The course was out and back and was pretty flat. [Another reason my knees were saved].
 I saw hubby at least 3-4 times and my BIL was out on the course as well.
I didn't think they had "enough" water stations available but then again, most of the course was on a "trail" by the lake and sometimes, narrowed into a 2 lane trail.
 I'm glad I brought my own Gu Chomps because there weren't any available. I had a couple around mile 6 but then my stomach started to bother me --- so nixed that.
 The last mile seemed the longest!!! I just wanted to be done!

Official time of 2:03
16th place in my age group

 (With my SIL in yellow --- she did an awesome job, too!)

Overall, the race was small but quite organized. This is the 4th year and it was sold out! I wouldn't mind doing it again next year but would probably drive the morning of the race.

After a quick shower, we drove home. We picked up Smalls and a Veggie deLite from Papa Murphy's and crashed into my own comfy bed for the rest of the afternoon {while hubby went on a bike ride}.

Fifth Half-marathon in the books!

What did you do over the weekend? Any plans this week?

It's the last week of summer and it's gonna be a busy one for me. Lots of subbing at the gym.....
have a great Monday!

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