Thursday, October 25, 2012

Off to Work We Go

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Hey there!!! I'm still here...

It's been a busy week as you can imagine. I started work on Monday and it's been orientation all week from 8 to 5. It's hard to sit around and absorb information for that long a time ---

 --- let alone, for 4 days in a row.

I actually got out early today so I was able to run some errands and come home early to catch up on a lot of things -- one of them is blogging.

And snuggling with this little guy.

I tried to get all our meals planned for the week [last Sunday] and I try to prep dinner ahead of time [in the am] when I can. Also had all my workouts planned for the week.

Eventhough it's towards the end --- here's what most of my week look[ed] like:

Some recent eats:
Chicken Salad with Cornbread

 Apple Crisp

I teach Zumba tonight and then get to relax and watch the World Series.

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.... especially with that first sign of snow this morning.

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