Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Snow

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Happy Sunday friends!

Finally got some time to sit down and blog a bit.

A couple of days ago, we got our first snow of the year. I'm dreading the coming of winter. I've never been a fan of snow, ice and the cold in general ☃. But it's here now... dang it!

I'm jealous of DD because this is what she gets to look at everyday for the next few months.
She's currently "working" in Cabo, Mexico for a destination wedding company. Lucky girl!

Yesterday, I got my hair did (finally). Then hubby and I went to see the new James Bond movie.

It was awesome!!! Two thumbs up!!!
Go see it!

Dinner was easy - Papa Murphy's Veggie deLite Pizza

This week's menu plan and workout

Here's some more recent eats:

 Pumpkin Bisque 

Caribbean Chicken Salad
 Chicken Parmesan

That's about it for now! I thought I'd just update you with how life is on my end.
Most of my time is consumed by work, gym, and home stuff. Nothing too exciting....but I see a vacation on the horizon. 

Have a good rest of your Sunday!

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