Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Remembering our last dinner in Mexico

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We got at least 1 foot of snow during the weekend and now that we're knee deep into winter, it makes me reminisce a little of our recent trip to Mexico when we visited DD.

We spent one afternoon on the beach and even though the waves were rough and unsafe to swim in, we managed to enjoy the sunshine and get a little tan going.

Our last night in Mexico, we decided to go to Cabo one last time and have dinner at the Hacienda Cocina y Cantina. We had heard a lot of good things about this resort so we checked it out. It was located near the harbor...
The views from where we were seated was absolutely beautiful and relaxing. How often can you eat dinner with the Pacific Ocean in front of you.
Our appetizer was Spicy Jicama
Molcajete (Mortar and pestle): With chicken, sausage, cheese, peppers and avocado to build your own fajita
Lobster Enchiladas
Dinner was excellente !!

It was a great end to our trip but the sad part was leaving DD behind and knowing that it was going to be our first holiday without her at home.

At least she's having fun and learning a lot --- even it means being in a foreign country. She's young, smart and full of energy with great opportunities and potentials ahead of her.

I do miss her, though ☹...

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  1. Food looks great, beautiful area, I am excited for this opportunity that has been presented to China what a great learning experience.




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