Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Midsummer Adventures

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Has it really been 4 weeks since I last had a blog post
Wow, how time flies....summer is almost halfway over --- Waaah!

Well needless to say, the last few weeks have been fairly busy for me and the hubs. Busy at work, busy  working out [and teaching], busy with household stuff [like yard work -- ugh!], but we managed to take some time off and a few weeks ago, we traveled to sunny California to visit my parents.

I had our itinerary ready for the short 4 days that we were to spend down there and I had so much I wanted to do!

One of which was to watch an Anaheim Angels baseball game.
 We bought our tickets from Costco which ended up being a great deal! $65 for 2 tickets that included 2 small hot dogs and 2 small sodas.
 The Angels played St. Louis Cardinals {Pujols' old team} so it was quite exciting. 
 View of the ball park from our seats

Another day we spent at the Newport Fashion Island which is an outside mall near the beach. It was such an awesome space to walk and do a little window shopping and saw lots of people walking their *designer dogs".
 We went to the Island Cinema [a luxury movie theater] to watch Superman: Man of Steel
 The lobby was really nice and surprisingly had a lot of people for a Sunday matinee at $17 a ticket. [We bought ours at a Fandango discounted rate, I think through Groupon].
 Concession stand looked so classy ---  [unlike Momma June].

You can place your order for any snacks or drinks and a server takes it right to your seat.
 They also serve beer and wine.
 I ordered a plain soft pretzel that was served nice and warm.

Here's the inside of the movie theater. They have reserved seating so tickets are usually limited.
Seats were wide, nice and plush {leather} with a console in between for food and drinks.
Here's a picture from the web.

That took care of 2 of my summer bucket list items. Geesh, I need to get on it if I'm going to check off everything on that list.

How are you doing in this heatwave????

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