Wednesday, August 25, 2010

T'was the Bomb--Cherry Bomb

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How are you all doing this morning? The week has been pretty busy for me...I feel like I have so much to do and my mind keeps "racing". DD is about to go back to college next week and I will be helping her move into her apartment---I know, FUN, right? Aaahh...the things we do for our kids.

I managed to get a Body ATTACK class in this morning. Kara almost cancelled the class since there was just 3 of us (and all instructors)...but I convinced her to stay and all 3 of us still had tons of FUN and a great workout---beats doing it alone at home.

...I finally got a chance to try the Chocolate Cherry Bomb recipe (thanks to Kristen's Raw).

...just used what stash I had in my pantry including the banana and cherries. It was AWESOME!!!

Off to take a show-show...then get ready for a meeting and off to work this afternoon.
...see 'ya later!

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