Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Style

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Good morning!!!

...didn't have such a good day yesterday. Found out that that my STEP class at the gym had been cut to one a week unless members are willing to pay extra. So my frustrations were taken out on that RPM bike for an hour (and I still didn't feel good afterwards..... uuughhh)! So what do I do? I went to work to keep my mind (and body) busy so that I wasn't stewing on the "bad news".

After walking Smalls last night (and I have to admit, eating Peanut Butter M & M's)...I felt better....Chocolate is always the answer. LOL!

I woke up this morning, feeling much better about the whole thing. The gym owner contacted me and ackowledged my frustrations and sometimes that's all a girl wants, am I right????

I was also reading my new Instyle Makeover magazine and came across an article about Nude lips. I love going nude - not frontal - just naked lips. Nowadays, gone are the "beige" tones. There's a lot more to choose from like peach, rose or caramel. I, myself, do not apply lipstick. I hate it but I love lip balm.

I found these great lip balms that have a "tint" to them. It's a J.R. Watkins brand. They have a slight shimmer and feels tingly after you apply it. 'Love it!!!!

Tell me what's your favorite hue?

Today's schedule:
- Work
- Gym - run for 3 miles
- Make dinner
- Yoga 

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