Monday, October 4, 2010

Boxed dinner(s)

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Hi everyone!
Well as you know, we just got back from Seattle trip yesterday, and with all the errands to catch up to (blogging, running, laundry, practicing etc..) there was barely enough time to do real "grocery shopping". So hubby just got the essentials--- you know---fruit, milk, bread.

So last night's dinner consisted of "easy" Indian food courtesy of Tasty Bite (I bought these at Costco).

...and I just added chicken to it that I cooked in a pan with olive oil and no-salt seasoning, then served with pita bread (I wanted naan but all I had was pita bread in my pantry---*sigh*)

Tonight's dinner was similar, in that it came from a box... (trying not to make it until another upcoming trip)... it was delish, though!

I had my Body STEP launch today which was awesome!

...I only fumbled maybe once or twice but not even anything that anyone would know or notice...he-he-he. It's always great when the new routine comes out....they always seem harder the first few times as you're changing your routine and firing up other muscles that have been sorta dormant. I didn't do Body PUMP afterwards, trying to save my energy for Body ATTACK launch tomorrow.

...turning in early...have to go to work in the morning, come home and practice and do ATTACK launch!

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