Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall in Las Vegas

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Hi everyone! Yes, I'm still here. Just got back yesterday from our trip to Vegas---had a conference to go to (courtesy of my work) but also had some time to play (of course).

We stayed at the Bellagio Hotel.

...recession? What recession????

...here's our room...

..the view from our window

...a latte at one of the patisserie/cafe's inside the hotel ($6.00 for 12 oz--yowza!!!)

..I thought this was "cute" ---a Hello Kitty wedding cake (lots of people gettting married on 10-10-10)

....chocolate fountain

...the conference was at the Paris hotel (across the street)

Running was difficult in Vegas. First of all, if you want to use the gym in the hotel, it'll cost an extra $25 each day (no way!) So the alternative is to do my "run" early in the morning (when the temperature was still around 70's at 6:30 am)..but that's also the time when a lot of "shady" people are just coming out of the hotels and lingering out on the streets. Plus, there's always people wherever you go, no matter what time of day or night. And you have to run on the sidewalk (if you're staying on the Strip), too many cars on the road, and the sidewalks are uneven-- some are cobblestone, and some intersections, you have to take the Skywalk--whew!

We went to our favorite sushi restaurant in Vegas --

Other sites in Vegas...Planet Hollywood

..the MGM Hotel

The lions (as seen through the tunnel) at MGM (they were sleeping)...

...that's "fake sky"

..The Palazzo Hotel

...and Smalls waiting for us when we got home....aahhhh....

Ok, now back to reality... off to work today and it's gonna be a busy week again for me..

What plans do you have for this week? Anything fun?

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