Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seattle trip

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Hi everyone! Back from a quick trip to Seattle. Smalls didn't like it that we had to leave (..uh-gain) but he got over it...besides, he got to spend some time at Grandma's house.
This was on our way to the airport...he's on my lap, looking outside..trying to figure out where we're going.

Seattle from up in the air....
Safeco Field (right-Seattle Mariners) and Qwest Field (left- Seattle Seahawks)
We took the Link Light Rail to our hotel...took about 45 minutes from the airport.
We stayed at the Paramount Hotel in downtown Seattle, sweet!!! --close to shops, food and everything!!!

First stop on Friday was Blue C Sushi, I was starving after an 8 mile run that morning.

The next day...while hubby was in a meeting, I headed to the famous "Pike Place Market". And if you've ever been to Seattle (the birth place of Starbucks----you'll literally find one (or two) at every block.


..... there was a fundraiser walk that morning, too that I happened upon (it was called "Walk for the Heart").... 

... here is the very first Starbucks in the country, right in the heart of Pike Place Market...

...I just love Pike Place Market.. all the sights, the smells.....uuhhmmmm, the people...

Lowell's Restaurant (they filmed a scene here from "Sleepless in Seattle")

Walking back to the hotel, I stopped in to check out more interesting shops...

They actually have a "coffee tour" around downtown and they go to different coffee shops within Seattle.
A chocolate shop called "The Chocolate Box"

Milk Chocolate sardines (I "think" they were just shaped like sardines...)
Gourmet popcorn shop called "Kukuruza" (reminded us of Garrett's in Chicago)

Yesterday was a dinner hosted by my hubby's colleague...beautiful house, they live in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle with a killer view. The Seattle marathon runs right in front of their house as well.
Nice spread---lots of fruit so I was happy!!!
Had a brownie bite and macaroon at the end.

The host/hostess wanted "hot food" afterwards so they took us out to eat at a great Vietnamese place called "Tamarind Tree". I've had Vietnamese food before but not as upscale as this one. It was food-gasmic! They ordered for us and everything was soo good!

To end the night, we stopped at Cheesecake factory to get the biggest chocolate cake I've seen (in a while -- he-he-he!!!)  ($6.95 Wowza!!!)

And I found this engraved on the platform of the Link Light Rail on our way back to the airport today...
how fitting....perfect sentiment after a nice trip!

...My Body STEP launch is tomorrow so I have to practice a few more times tonight and tomorrow to get it down ---  I did manage to get in my 5 miles today for the half-marathon training.
Will see how tomorrow goes....

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