Friday, October 15, 2010

9 mile run report

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Happy Friday!!

So excited for the weekend...something FUN planned for us...
Here's a hint..

....more details soon...

When I woke up this morning, I was very apprehensive of the 9 mile run that I had to do. I honestly have never ran that much in 1 day - ever! I was worried about so many what if I don't make it.... what if I start "hurting"--- would that mean failure??? But I kept my positive thinking and told myself, " just get up and do it" ---- I didn't have to beat any one's time----I just needed to do it for me. It was my own challenge to myself...besides a 10 mile run awaits me next week..

It was cold, around 41 degrees this morning when I decided to go, so I donned on my new running shorts and long sleeved half zip running shirt, headband/ear muff, running gloves, Garmin, ipod, sunglasses, water bottle, Hammer Gel---whew--- yeah--that's how neurotic I was this morning... and headed off to my running location (I got off of

You know what??---it wasn't so bad at all.  I felt great afterwards (OK...I felt fine but NOT hurting or dying--except for the hill parts) and felt really good to have accomplished what I considered was a milestone. I know there will be some more coming up in the next few weeks...but I know in my mind now that I can really do this...not bad for a 40'ish gal who hates running.

When I got home, I did 20 minutes of Namaste yoga (the Water light series) and foam rolled as usual.
My post workout snackage was an energy smoothie that consisted of:
  • Brown Cow low fat strawberry yogurt
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen banana
  • almond milk
  • Sun Warrior protein powder
  • chia seeds


....I also had an oatmeal pistachio cranberry cookie on the side...yummy!!!

This is the *tackle* scene when hubby got home, Smalls smothering him as usual.....he is soo SWEET!!

Checkin' out REI later today---they're havin' a s-a-l-e...
RPM tomorrow---excited, haven't done any spinning in a while.
See 'ya!

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