Wednesday, December 29, 2010

California highlights

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Hi everyone! Aahh, it's great to be back at home but I sure do miss the sunny weather in California. Although it's supposed to start raining again this week, hopefully it's not as bad as the last storm. Of course, that translates to snow here in Washington.

I've got so much catching up to do after a week of Christmas bliss. I have to de-christmafy my house, go grocery shopping, clean the house before New Year's ( I always like a "fresh start"), practice my new Les Mills routines (among other things)....etc. DD will be heading back to school this weekend, so I want to spend some quality time with her as well----more shopping---holler!! (lol)

So here are some highlights of the trip.

Christmas Eve 2010
With my Mom and Dad

DD's godmother
One of my cousins
Mi familia!
Christmas Day 2010

DD's 21st Birthday
1st *official* drink (mango margarita)

...had a lot of FUN! Can't believe that Christmas is all over. Looking forward to a quiet New year's eve!
I'll talk to you later.......

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