Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Groundhog Day

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Today started off similar to yesterday.  Hubby has the day off today so we have some time to spend with each other after all the hullabaloo from the holidays.  He took Smalls out for an early walk while I made lattes for both of us.

Mine - a light soy latte
His - a nonfat light vanilla latte

I had an apple cinammon oatmeal for breakfast while hubby had fried rice and fried aggs with toast.

He started his P90x today and he's going to be doing the "Lean" version as well.

Plans for today include practicing for our launch this weekend at the gym. We call it "EveryBODY for Everybody" and we preview about 30 minutes of each "Body" program to all the members.
Format looks like this:

  • RPM
  • Body Attack
  • Body Step
  • Body Pump

Guests are FREE to come during the launch as well. It gives everyone an opportunity to get a taste of each Group Fitness class and see what they like. This time, we will also preview Zumba which has become very popular at our gym.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday - open face burrito
I tell 'ya---Groundhog Day!

Snackage of the day: whole wheat English muffin topped with almond butter and half of an orange

I'm still nursing a "cold" --almost didn't make it halfway through STEP class yesterday - head congestion -  and I could only hear from 1 ear.


Today is better but I'm teaching Attack tonight so hopefully, my head is clearer.

Also, I compiled a playlist for this month (POM):

Let's Get Loud   - J. Lo
Baracuda (140 BPM Workout Remix) 
Forever - Chris Brown
Jump Around - Old School Players
The Way I Are - Timbaland Feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.
Please Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna
Ray Of Light - Madonna
Give It To Me - Timbaland Feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado
Umbrella - Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z
Rude Boy - Rihanna
Take It Off - Ke$ha
Uprising - The Resistance
Sexy Love - Ne-Yo
Something to check out: 2011 Home Yoga Practice.
Have a great day!

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