Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Losers and Winners

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Waking up this morning---NOT a lottery winner.  I wish I was the one from Washington state but dang it --.

So here I am --- disappointed once again but heck --- we'll keep trying, I'm OK with the $3 winning but $355 million would have been nice, too :)

This little guy wasn't disappointed, he's got the best life....

So back to reality...

Dinner was simple last night.   Indian Curry Baked chicken (from Biggest Loser cookbook).

This morning's breakfast was an easy cheese omelet.  1 regular egg and 1 egg white with fat free cheese.
Paired with a banana and washed down with a light soy latte.

 ....speaking of Biggest Loser, did you guys see the new season that started last night? They've got 2 new trainers (still a mystery). It'll be interesting since Rulon (and Justin) picked to be with the newbies rather than Bob and Jillian.

I switched between BL and Paula Abdul's new show: Live to Dance

I can't seem to post the video but if you get a chance..check out the couple "Jill and Jacob"...starts around 18:20 minutes into the was sooooo sweet, made me cry at the end.

Have a good morning!

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