Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Hips Don't Lie

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Alright, I woke up this morning with my right hip just *throbbing*. And of course, having been in the medical field, I proceeded to diagnose myself.

Inflamed gluteus medius and strained tensor fasciae latae.

It started bothering me after Zumba class last week (after all the booty-shakin') but got better over the weekend...usually my "rest days".

But holy h$%#! After teaching Body Attack last night and all the plyometrics, jumping jacks and tuck jumps, I'm sure I aggravated it again! So today will be lots of stretching that looks like this...
Stretching the gluteus medius
Stretching the tensor fasciae latae and IT band
Stretching the piriforms (similar to gluteus medius but deeper)
Don't you hate it when you're injured? You think you can push your body into doing more but sometimes the mind is stronger than the body. Check out: Coping with a Sports Injury.

In other was last night's dinner and dessert extravaganza....ha-ha-ha!
Marinated Grilled Tofu (from Flat Belly Diet Cookbook)

.... and I melted 70% Green and Black's organic chocolate ( I love this brand!) and drizzled it over strawberries that I froze for about 2 hours.

'nough said.

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