Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eat Yo' Veggies

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Remember last week when hubby and I decided to be vegans for 1 week? 

Well, my verdict for becoming vegetarian is ...... 

 2 vegetarian meals a week is good

I don't think I can ever become a 100% full vegan (I missed beef the most....don't judge), but can certainly cut back on animal sources of protein. However, I did like having all the veggies and trying out different recipes...

1. Roasted Asparagus Salad with Pine Nuts
2. Mexican Corn Stew
3. Vegetarian Pot Pie
4. Vegetarian Calzone
5. Vegetarian Quiche

....the hardest part that I found was the "preparation". It took longer to cut, chop, slice and mince all different kinds of veggies.

I have to admit that it was very different not having any beef (bison), chicken or fish the whole week but after a while, just like anything, you get used to it. All the veggie flavors were definitely good and I knew I was doing something healthy for me and the environment. I just don't think I can ever keep it up but I know that I can at least incorporate a few vegetarian meals during the week. My philosophy with food is: everything in moderation and as long as you are conscious of what you are feeding your body, your body will treat you well in return.

Food and nutrition is an individual choice. Armed with information and knowledge, YOU do what YOU feel is best for YOU. 

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