Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegans are we?

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  How's the week going?  Mine has been pretty busy and I'm glad I have today to catch my breath. Whew!  After training a client and having to teach 3 classes in 24 body is feeling it. So it's no surprise that P90x has taken a back seat.

It's a beautiful sunny day today but still very chilly outside, dang it.

Rest is very important for your body to recuperate especially after workouts and strength training. It helps avoid over training symptoms and most especially ~ injury. Incorporate carbs (to replenish energy stores) and protein (to help repair our muscles) soon after. It is also very important to get enough fluids and of course, sleep.

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So after Body Attack and foam rolling last night, this was waiting for me...
It was just...meh....
I had a week's worth of vegetarian meals planned to see if hubby and I can become semi-vegans for a week. My nanay sent me this.
Did you see Oprah's show on becoming vegan?  That's what made us wanna try it ourselves.
Here's an excerpt:

So first night was ...
Roasted Asparagus Salad (paired with leftover chili from Superbowl).
Today, I made ...
Mexican Corn Stew

Although, we're going out to dinner tonight with these friends to Prospectors.... I'm gonna try and look at the menu online to see vegetarian options.

Gotta catch up on cleaning the house....
Have you tried to be a vegan? How about semi-vegan?

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