Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Midwest Weather

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Hi guys! How's your Tuesday?

I'm not used to this *crazy* Midwest weather. Although we have our share of ridiculous cold and rainy weather in the Pacific NW, I have to say....I'd pick that over the tornado warnings here in Ohio. Yes, we had tornado warnings last night and it seems like the weather here can turn so quickly. One minute it's sunny, then all of a sudden....wind, rain and thunderstorm!

I was just praying that the power wouldn't go out (thankfully, it didn't---but I missed DWTS because of all the weather coverage----priorities, right?!)

Dinner last night:
Blackened Tilapia with Sauteed Corn and Tomatoes

So today is a long day of classes for DD. It's a "rest" day for me when it comes to my running schedule so I decided to check out Target and Old Navy and boy....was I glad I did! Got some great deals on workout clothes (which seems to be the staple in my wardrobe closet). Schweeet!

TARGET goodies

OLD NAVY goodies

....love, love, love DEALS!

Any good deals you've found recently? Then you might wanna check out Target and Old Navy, too.

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