Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning in Dayton

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Good Thursday morning! How's your week going?

DD had "strength/conditioning" this morning so we got up bright and early. Early mornings are so nice and peaceful, don't you agree?? (but nothing beats sleeping in..... yawn)

I saw some friends out for a walk....

... and I got something to wake me up---a triple grande soy no foam latte.

After dropping her off this morning, I did the usual treadmill run - today 7 miles. Then came back home and made myself a protein smoothie.

DD started her physical therapy yesterday also.


And dinner last night was Chicken Scallopini with Asparagus and Tomatoes (recipe from 

We're going out to dinner tonight and maybe go for a stroll at the mall (if the weather isn't too bad).

Have a nice day!

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