Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clean House

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Happy Thursday!

Today, I've planned on doing all my chores including packing for this weekend's race. Since we're driving to and from Seattle, I figured I'd better get all my cleaning and laundry done 'cuz I'll either be paralyzed from the waist down or dead come Sunday. Plus, I love coming home to a nice, clean, fresh house.

DD will be home next week as well, so I'm trying to get the house organized before the prodigal daughter comes home.

Dinner last night was courtesy of hubby via take-out from Linnie's Thai cuisine.
My favorite: Pad Thai and Curry Chicken on white rice ~ 4 star (spicy)

And for dessert, I had some strawberries and bananas in the freezer that I dipped in Green and Black's organic dark chocolate.

Cleaned the entire house, finished the laundry and cooked dinner. Call me crazy....but I love seeing those vacuum lines and marks after much so that I try and avoid walking on them...I walk on the edges as much as possible. OCD? You betcha!

Do you clean your house before leaving for a trip?

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