Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rock N' Roll Seattle Expo

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Friday afternoon, we were trying to get out of town in time to make it to the Rock N' Roll Seattle Expo that I really wanted to check out. So as soon as hubby got home from work, we loaded up the car and dropped Smalls off to Grandma's house to stay the night.
The drive to Seattle is per usual.... wheat fields and nothing'ness for the first 2 hours and then mountains appear and beautiful scenery for the next 2 hours.
It was cloudy but nice overall, rained a bit when we got to Snoqualmie Pass.
And then you enter the city!    When I win the lottery, I'll get one of those houses right by the to Bill Gates.
We only had another couple of hours before the Expo ended so we were trying to go through much of it quickly. I had a 2 things on my list: a) Body Glide and b) Recovery socks

The Expo was fantastic! One of the best ones I've been to so far (keep in mind, this is only my 2nd half marathon), although I've been to a few small expos in the past. The swag was so-so but they gave out lots of freebies (sample smoothies, drinks, energy bars -  the works). This is one of the largest and most popular races in the country. An estimated 26,000 participants signed up at about $100-130 per person!

Then we headed to dinner at Genki Sushi (sushi on a track)  for the pre-race dinner of champions -- sushi, of course. I know I was *taking a chance* with raw fish the night before the race but I just couldn't help myself. That's how I *roll* when I'm in Seattle.

We totally dominated those plates!!

And after a quick stop to the Asian market, we checked in to our hotel for some R and R before an early morning wake-up.
Outfit ready to go
With my new purchases: Body Glide and another compression ankle sleeve.

More on the actual race on my next post!

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