Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Epic" Delivery

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Happy Sunday to you all! 'hope you're enjoying the weekend . 

The weather was incredible yesterday.... first time we hit the 90's here in the Inland NW. I taught the new BodySTEP yesterday and stayed for most of BodyPUMP afterwards, then we went to Deer Lake for a little *lake partay* with hubby's friends (I didn't get to take pictures ~ 'cuz they'll think I'm a dork).
Smalls went with us, too but being the introverted, shy dog that he is, he kinda stuck by us most of the time instead of playing with the other "hyper" dogs.

And remember the other day when I told you about my "cleaning escapades"? Well, it wasn't just the office/den but also the basement since I was expecting a BIG delivery.

It came the other day.....

Can you guess????
Yes!!!! It's my own *beast*!
Best part is I can watch HGTV while I'm on it (and in my underwear if I wanted to). 
I've already used it the same day. I did my *speedwork* since it was too late in the morning (and frankly, too hot) for me to go outside on the track. Only bad part was, it took awhile for the belt to catch up to the speed you've set it at. I did 7 x 400 (.25 mile) at 7.5 speed (on the tready) at 5K pace (8:15/mi). Today, I did a 3 mile pace run (9:00/mi) which was about 6.7- 6.8 speed on tready. So far, so good.

We ordered it through Costco online and surprisingly, it's actually a very good quality treadmill. It is an Epic 550.  It's not noisy at all. It came with a built in TV (although I knew I wasn't going to use it) and a connection for your iPod, CD or MP3 player with built-in speakers or plug-in for your headphones. It also has a built in fan and compatible with iFit workout cards (if you have them).

If you would like to see reviews, check it out HERE ☜.

I'm off to take a shower...then I'm checking out TJ Maxx for some home decor.

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