Friday, July 15, 2011

See Jenn Run

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Good morning friends!

So I've been getting ready to go to the west side of the state (a-gain!) to run the See Jane Run half-marathon this weekend. It sucks that there's no good races closer (and cheaper) but I run to get those damn race shirts and *hardware* to be proud of afterwards. It's my way of being able to say, "I did something that a lot of people can't do." 
But really it's just an excuse for me to eat more sushi, go shopping and hit up Whole Paycheck!

Hopefully the weather cooperates and it's not too hot...the race doesn't start until 8 am which I think might be a tad late.

Nevertheless, we're making it a fun, *long* weekend with the fam.

So even though my self doubt has come back to haunt me again, I know I'm not as nervous this time around as I was 3 weeks ago. I know I'll  be able to finish but maybe not PR.

I have my mantra:
Run without expectations - just focus on running your BEST!

 ...and Pippa on my mind.

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