Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workout session of the month (WSOM)

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I know I haven't posted a new workout since Spring but things have been busy (workout -wise) with injury and training for races. So if you've been waiting for a new routine to ramp up your fitness for the's one for you.

Now that its warm, there's tons of cardio exercise you can do outdoors such as walking, running, swimming, hiking, biking etc... just make sure that you are well-hydrated ad take breaks from the heat from time to time. Listen to your body!

Warning: Before beginning any fitness regimen, seek advice from your health care provider. If you feel any pain during your workout, stop immediately and seek medical attention. Pay attention to proper form (quality before quantity). Listen to your body, start out slow then advance.

Workout Session (Summer)

**Always warm up with light cardio for about 5 minutes then stretch for about 3 minutes.

Day 1 and 5 Upper Body
3 sets (Use weights from 5-10 lbs for women, 10-20 lbs, for men)
Dumbbell Bench Press - 8-15 reps
Bent Over Row/Dumbbells - 8-15 reps
Push ups (Feet Elevated) - as many reps as you can
Supinating Curl (Standing) - 8-15 reps
Cross-arm Sit Up - 30 reps
Prone Lying Reverse Hip Extension - 20 reps (2 sets)

Day 2 and 6 Lower Body
3 sets
Squat Thruster - 15 reps (4 sets)
Alternating Lunge Touchdown - 15 reps
Lunge Jump - 10 reps
Bent - Legged Deadlifts - 15 reps

Day 3 and 7 Cardio/Core
3 sets
Overhead Squat  - 15 reps
Run - 15 minutes

Day 4 Full Body/Core
3 sets
Squat Thruster - 15 reps (4 sets)
Bent Over Row/Dumbbells - 1 reps
Push ups (Feet Elevated) - as many reps as you can
Lunge Jump - 10 reps
Supinating Curl (Standing) - 15 reps
Dumbbell Sit-Up - 20 reps
Prone-lying Reverse Hip Extensions - 20 reps (2 sets)

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch afterwards.

Please see my Disclaimer.

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