Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Decluttering Your Space

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How's your week going?

I've continued to *purge* my house of all junk and no longer needed items. I finished tackling the office yesterday and almost finished cleaning and organizing our storage room in the basement. It's amazing how much one accumulates throughout 19 years of marriage. Hubby made a trip to the donation center yesterday and there's piles and piles of garbage and cardboard boxes to recycle.

Since we've been married, we've moved a total of 4 times (2 were apartments, 2 were houses).
We've been in our current home for about 3 years now and we actually downsized from our previous one after becoming "empty-nesters". So we have gotten rid of a lot of our stuff especially this last move.

I've always had the belief of "Less is more" and I try to adhere to a very minimal decor. I hate knick-knacks and I try to stick with classic, traditional but modern pieces of furniture.

I love to organize and I must've been a professional organizer in my past life.

What I do:
  • Tackle one room at a time. Take your time, maybe one afternoon, for example.
  • Break it down even more to one area/space at a time.
  • Create a "Keep", "Discard" and "Donate" or even a "Sell" pile.
  • Go through your items and if you haven't used it in the last year or think you may not have any use for it in the next year...get rid of it! (Exceptions: personal effects ie. "letters", memorabilias etc.)
  • Make sure you label and keep "like" items together. "A place for everything and everything in it's place." 
  • I try not to buy "crap" I don't need.
  • It helps to have music on (or the TV) to keep you company.
  • Once you're done organizing, don't forget to clean and vacuum.
Here's a view of the office as soon as you enter the door. You can see my hubby's side of the room.

This is the opposite side which is mine for "crafts/scrapbooking" mainly.

This is the view when you turn around facing the door.

Here's the closet where I store most of my crafts/scrapbooking tools and office supplies.

After you're done organizing...marvel at your wonderful masterpiece and reward yourself with a drink... or two...or three.

Any tips for organizing? Please share.
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