Sunday, August 21, 2011

Knee Deep Healing

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Hiiiii! How's the weekend treating you?

I'm still pretty bummed about my left knee but it's feeling mucho-mucho better! I taught BodySTEP yesterday but only used 1 set of risers and modified some of the jumps and knee lifts for my own sake. It actually loosened up a bit during the workout and I contemplated on staying for BodyPUMP but my *smart* self said, "No! Don't chance it!" So I came home --- rested ----iced --- elevated --- took some ibuprofen and kept an ace wrap on for most of the day.

I'm also going to skip the next couple of *runs* scheduled just to keep the inflammation down and give my knee a chance to rest. I will still do some cross training though with STEP and ATTACK. 

And do upper body weight training today.
3 sets 15-20 reps (8 lbs.)
The other day, we went for a drive to Couer d'Alene ... and ended up at the casino (again). We, of course, made it to the Friday Seafood Buffet ~ crabs--yumm!! (BTW...we dropped Smalls off at grandmas for a couple of hours).

Breakfast this morning... scrambled eggs (1 egg, 1 egg white) and a Dave's Killer Bread toasted.
I've got a 30 21 day challenge up my sleeve....details tomorrow.

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