Monday, September 12, 2011

Jet-set to Cabo

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Hiiii☺!!! Happy Monday!

I'm still recuperating from spending a week in super HOT Cabo. The temperature was in the high 90's, lows in the 80's everyday with humidity that you can cut with a knife. Now I understand why they say, "....where the desert meets the ocean".

We stayed at RIU Santa Fe (an all-inclusive resort) -- about a 40 minute drive from the airport.

The grounds -- which were always kept in tip-top shape by an inordinate amount of workers ... working in the hot sun!

We met a little kitty that was in the same spot every afternoon before dinner....always having a *siesta*.

Me [hola!]....  just before dinner with my *stained* shirt -- don't judge. One of our tricks when we travel is that we bring clothes that we would normally donate to charity so we come back with a lighter load.

Our room was nice (by Mexico standard) and it was stocked with as much Tequila as you can drink and of course -- everything in the mini bar was included, too. Came in really handy when we needed bottled water.

The gym ---- which kept smelling like strong Lysol [or something similar] --- I guess that's better than something else. I used the tready one day and the elliptical and stationary bike another day. As far as massages go....hubby and I ventured to downtown Cabo to get $25 massages (50 minutes) twice in one week!!! Yes, twice and it was ohhh so wonderful!
The pools --- this one was an "infinity pool" overlooking the ocean.

Next up.....the food!

BTW...did you complete the 21 day challenge? How did you do?  I gave myself a B+ since I did go on vacay and enjoyed a "few" junk food here and there....OK, maybe more than a few.....

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