Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cabo Wabo

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Good morning!!! How's everyone today?

The good thing about staying at an all-inclusive resort is that pretty much *everything* is included... but maybe the "best" part would be the food. You don't have to worry about where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner....It's all right there! 

The only "bad" part is that you pay for it when you get back from vacay...for me, it was in the form of huffin' and puffin' my a** off while teaching STEP yesterday. I was running out of juice by the time PUMP started. But I managed to hang in there and I drank plenty of Zip fizz to keep me going.

Back to the food.....

...the servers welcomed you during each meal. 
Outdoor grilling

Different fruits.....

.... and ohhh so good desserts!

This is what hubby's breakfast plate looked like every morning. Mine was boring...[I didn't think you wanted to see pictures of oatmeal everyday].

My favorite fruit --- papaya --- couldn't  get enough of it. It reminded me so much of my childhood when we would eat it with milk.

Our favorite dessert -- black and white chocolate cake, fruit tart, chocolate mousse....

.... and flan!

And the fresh pico de gallo was out-of-this-world ahh-mazing!

They also had a self-serve "cappuccino" maker and we couldn't get enough of their coffee. We probably had at least 10 cups a day.
Oh, Cabo -- how I miss thy food!

I pretended that calories didn't count for the whole week...and my stomach hates me.

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