Thursday, September 15, 2011

M.J. in Mexico

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Hiiii ☺!

You must be wondering how we entertained ourselves while on a 5-day vacation in Mexico. Well, we've been to Mexico quite a few times in the past. We've gone to Puerto Vallarta (3x), Cabo, Mazatlan and Cancun. So I think we're pretty familiar with the culture and the local flair.

This vacay...we really just wanted to *chill* and didn't have much planned besides stuffing our faces and getting radiated by the burning rays of the sun.

We didn't really plan on doing any water activities or shopping [what?!], or even taking a 45 minute boat ride to the "Arcos". I felt bad for all the locals who had to be out on the beach "selling stuff" to make a living. It must've been 98 degrees everyday -- hot sun and hot sand -- all for *cheapskate* turistas like us ☹

So for the sake of exploring Cabo....we took the bus downtown twice during the week to get our $25 massages. The bus ride itself felt like a *thrill ride* at the fair - yikes!

Downtown was not very busy at all - this is their "slow tourist time" of the year.
The marina...I thought I saw Audrina Partridge working on her tan.
But then we found our oasis - our home away from home -- our zen -- 
Cost - the holy - co!
Not only that but we went to Wally's World, too! 
[ I just didn't get to take pictures 'cuz I was dying from heat exhaustion marathon-walking in the Mojave dessert ].

Meanwhile....back at the resort....
aaahhhh, that's much  better!
They had entertainment everyday. Corny...but if you've got nothin' else to do, it was still, nevertheless, entertainment -- it seemed to get better the more tequila and beer you had.

Like the night with the Michael Jackson impersonator.

We had a great time -- adding to more wonderful memories! That includes mosquito bites, sunburn and an extra 5 pounds to lose. 
Thanks vacation...let's do it again soon!

Do you have any get-aways planned in the near future? They have great "off-season deals" right now.

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