Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can't Get Enough

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Hi there !!!!

I'm getting back to the swing of things over here. After planning a menu for the week and picking up groceries over the weekend, hubby and I are back in the groove of *healthy eating* [Well, trying to, at least].

Workouts are back in full swing and I've been busy with my own work for our upcoming launch at the gym. I've been trying to come up with a new routine for our Cardio XT (which will be replacing BodySTEP) as well as Core X (30 minute ab/core class) while learning the new BodyATTACK routine.

I have NOT been able to run either. I tried running 3 miles last week while in Cabo (on the tready) and I managed to finish 3 miles without stopping or walking but the knee still started hurting at about mile 1.5.
Tomorrow, I will attempt another 3 miles (easy) and see how I feel. Injuries suck!

So as not to drown in our sorrows for not being able to eat as much "pico de gallo" as I can keep down, I decided to make a "naked" fish taco the other night. I used mahi-mahi, topped with coleslaw with orange vinaigrette and salsa (from Costco) and cilantro.

Nothing like Cabo, but it was close....

I also found a recipe for White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies from Jessica and decided to make it last night.
You have to try this's easy plus it's got all the stuff hubby likes ... chocolate, oats and peanut butter.
I miss my papaya ☹....

Workout this week:

Monday - BodySTEP/BodyPUMP
Tuesday - RPM
Wednesday - Run 3 miles
Thursday - RPM
Friday - Zumba
Saturday - BodySTEP/BodyPUMP
Sunday - Rest

How's your week going?

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  1. Hope your knee feels better soon! Gorgeous pics. I love white chocolate in cookies!



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