Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tightwad Tuesday

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One of my favorite stores is Target [Tar-jay]. Sometimes, I think it's a glammed up Wally's but I don't care. I love going to Target and checking out the clearance aisles. They always have the cutest stuff for homes as well. 

When we lived in Oakland, CA...we would go to Target every Saturday morning just to check it out, after which we would then head to Costco (another fave!). Our lives continue to be sooo exciting, I know.

And since summer is winding down, I was at Target the other day to see the *summer clearance* items. 
I picked up 2 pairs of shorts.
$ 8.98
Came home and made this quick dinner - Enchilada Chicken. I made homemade enchilada sauce using THIS recipe. Turned out really tasty and easy.

Workout plan for this week:
Monday - BodySTEP/BodyPUMP
Tuesday - BodyATTACK
Wednesday - Zumba
Thursday - RPM
Friday - practice at gym
Saturday - BodySTEP/BodyPUMP
Sunday - rest

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