Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh! It Looks Good

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Hi everyone ! I hope you're having a great week so far. One more get-up and we've got the weekend. 

It has been rainy and foggy here every morning. I've started wearing my "fall" coats and it has been cooold in the morning with snow up in the mountains. Can you believe that?!   Just like I can't believe  I found more gray hair in my head.

Not only that but Halloween stuff everywhere! I always equate Halloween to a quick turn-around to  Christmas. Yah...... Christmas stuff in stores next to Halloween decor. I  just wanna make sure I don't pick up a Casey Anthony mask and wrap it up as a gift.

So yesterday was spent running errands.

First, I went to the gym to take Kara's Cardio XT class which was a "killah". She started with kickboxing and added some step aerobics and then interval training. We finished with strength training and 30 minutes of core exercises. I was sore afterwards...the good sore.

But what made my day was a bunch of "sales" and "freebies" that I picked up all throughout my errands. I hit up Targe-y first to get some Monster trail that was on sale (for DD) and some other personal items.

Then I went to Sports Authority (since it's in the same shopping center) to see if they have these Zumba workout shoes that I've been looking for online. They retail from around $58 - 60.

As I perused through the shoe aisle, I didn''t find anything that would even come remotely close to it. And just as I was about to leave empty-handed...I decided to check the "clearance rack". 

Low and behold....

.....heaven's gate opened and angels started singing.......


I couldn't believe it...and it was my size!!!
....what added to the "winning" moment was during checkout when the cashier said that the clearance items were an extra 25% off.  

Yeah, baby! I scored those shoes for $40!

Happy, happy, joy, joy.......

Bonus --- Free Domino's Artisan pizza the other night which gave me a day off from cooking!

We ordered the Tuscan salami with roasted veggies. It was gooood and only 150 calories per slice(It serves 2 people, 8 slices per pizza). We ordered online (Facebook offer), and hubby picked it up on his way home.

I was so excited to share my conquests of the day but nobody really cared.

If you're wondering, hubby's face looked exactly the same.

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