Monday, October 10, 2011

Cold Weather Walking

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Good morning !! Did you guys have a good weekend?

Nothing exciting on this end.  Just the usual.....I taught on Saturday while hubby went for [what might be his last] bike ride. The temperature outside has certainly changed with highs only in the mid 50's.

We took Smalls for a walk last night and I had to wear my winter coat and gloves!  

We went to visit Small's goat friend but Smalls was a little aloof. Maybe he was just cold and wanted to get going...


I spent most of Sunday cleaning the house and doing laundry. And for dinner, we had breaded mahi-mahi with salsa on top and a side of corn. We have a trip coming up so we want to use up what we've got before we take off.
That includes an Apple Crisp for dessert. I had 2 Fuji apples that needed to be eaten....
Julie's Vanilla yogurt on top?  Ohhh, yes please.....

I had a few friends run the Spokane Marathon/Half Marathon. Great job to everyone!!!
I'm kinda jealous since I'm still on a running hiatus.

Anything fun for you over the weekend?

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