Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftover Day 3

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Happy Cyber Monday to 'ya ☺! 

Did you spend too much over the weekend? 'hopefully not! There's at least 4 1/2 weeks to go before Christmas day which means 4 1/2 weeks more shopping days left. "There's always gonna be a sale" [that's my motto].

My fridge was FULL from Thanksgiving leftovers {just like our bellies}. So yesterday was a day to "purge" and clean said fridge. I found a butter knife behind the vegetable crisper (who knows how long it's been there) and some hardened white stuff mixed with whatIthink was *apple pie* liquid mess. Yuck!

Smalls supervised all day long to see if he can "snag" any of the throw-aways.

After consolidating all the leftovers and throwing out a few *science experiments*, I decided to use up what's left of the turkey to make Turkey Vegetable Soup with Pesto.

So dinner was done and I used up my leftover canned pumpkin to make another pumpkin pie.

Then it was time to tackle the Christmas tree and decorations.

Dinner                         ✔
Dessert                        ✔
Christmas decor          ✔
 Tryptophan lull            ✔

Are you taking advantage of Cyber Monday? 
Will you do it while at work?

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  1. Belated happy Thanksgiving! I made soup tonight too. I did some shopping just to get some things crossed off my holiday shopping list, but I still have a few things left to buy!



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