Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Personal pizza and personal day

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EIM Day 3 - Bfast: Double shot light soy latte with pumpkin scone/Lunch: Peanut butter on Sandwich thin with a banana/Snack1: handful of almonds, Fuji apple/Snack2: Kettlecorn (2 cups), Theo peppermint chocolate

Dinner: Personal pizza (using whole wheat tortilla and leftover sausage rigatoni sauce)

I haven't taught Body Attack in so long so I thought I was gonna die last night {ok, i'm exaggerating}. It felt so good to get back into HIIT. And there was a fair amount of participants last night {January joiners?}

Today's eats look similar to yesterday's [like this PB sandwich and bananer].

I'm excited for this afternoon because I have a massage scheduled.

Off to do RPM and then...........drift away .

Have a good day!

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