Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tracking your Food

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Good morning friends! It's almost the weekend.....1st week of January outta the way. How's your resolutions coming along? Are you doing *Eat IMonth* like I am?

EIM Day 4: Bfast: Fried rice and eggs, light soy double shot latte/ Lunch: PB on sandwich thin and banana

Dinner: Spicy Fiery Meatballs with rice
Snacks: Pumpkin pie w/ graham cracker crust and whipped topping
Snacks2: Fat free Hot cocoa with Skim Milk

Yesterday's massage was heavenly. And for $35...the deal was even sweeter. She was offering another session for the same price so I jumped on it {i have 6 months to use it}. And after a trip to the fabric store, I came home and started on dinner [above].

I have another project up my sleeve and the bathroom re-decor is almost done. I'll post pictures and the *breakdown* when it's over.

Off to Body PUMP and then Zumba tonight.

Do you track your food intake daily? Do you use an app for that?
I use "Calorie Counter" on my Android. It tracks caloric intake and caloric expenditure with your exercises. It can be tedious but it works.

Have a great morning! 


  1. Oooh fiery meatballs sound fantastic! I used to use the Livestrong calorie/fitness tracker on my iPhone, it's great!

  2. Nice job with EIM so far! Your eats look better than anything you could get out anyways! :)



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