Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

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Good Friday morning friends ! Snow day today for local schools because of the winter storm. Actually, today's roads are not as bad as last night's but oh well.....long weekend for everybody!

 This is what the road looked like this morning on my way home from the gym.

Smalls doesn't like the snow too much. He's more interested in looking for *crouching tiger*

Yesterday's eats:
Open-faced Chicken Burrito
Dinner: Herbed Marinated Salmon with Rice

I came across this the other day. Have you ever heard of......

Toilet Yoga?

We all spend time in the *loo* so why not, right? I don't know about you though, but I try and spend the least amount of time in there ---- let alone have enough time to do a few yoga poses.
I just thought this was interesting......and No I didn't get compensated.

According to Toilet Yoga Movement, purchasing this book “will off the opportunity to connect with others around the world as you share in the joy of relief and satisfaction.” This book is “A guide. A way to change how you spend your precious alone time.”

The proceeds of the book do go to a good cause, to provide toilets to places with poor facilities. It costs $12.

What do you think?

And if you're local, don't forget the our *launch* is still on for tomorrow!
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