Friday, January 6, 2012

What is Body ATTACK?

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Today I'd like to focus on another class I teach called Body Attack. It's part of the Les Mills program and is also a group exercise format. This class is considered a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) where you have bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short recovery.

I became a certified Body Attack™instructor in 2010. I had already been teaching Body STEP™so it was not difficult to add on another group exercise class to my regimen. I had taken several BodyAttack™ classes before so I knew what to expect.

As like any of the other Les Mills program, training is NOT easy. It was 2 grueling days of almost continuous HIIT,  hour after hour with an added fitness test to check endurance and strength. You also get to teach a track to participants and you are videotaped and critiqued afterwards.

What is BodyATTACK™?
BodyAttack™ is a sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. It combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. It's great for everyone----from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor. Average calorie burn is 735 for 55 minutes! It is tough but low-impact options are always available if you need it.

No equipment needed. Wear comfortable workout clothes, gym shoes (cross trainers recommended over running shoes), drink/water bottle, towel.

What to Expect - Class Basics (60 minutes)
There's 12 tracks total starting with a warm up with big, simple aerobic moves. Range of motion gradually increases in intensity. There are 2 intense peaks both followed by recovery and conditioning tracks that focus on upper then lower body. Final track is recovery and stretching.

What to Expect - Class Results
BodyAttack™is a full body workout that burns tons of calories as it tones and shapes your body. It raises overall fitness and stamina particularly for high energy sports. It improves coordination and agility, develops strength through core conditioning work and enhances bone health and density. Just like any other Les Mills program, a new routine is released every 3 months with new music and choreography.

  • Les Mills holds a high standard for their instructors but every now and then you will get an instructor that you may not like or who is not motivating.
  • Great for everyone with moderate fitness level.
  • The music is awesome and mostly current but they often mix it up with different genres.
  • Instructors switch choreography about every 2-3 weeks so it gives you a chance to get really good with the current routine before they change to a different one. And remember: most of the moves are the same and repeated, just different music!

  • Some of  *moves* can be really tough especially in the Plyometric track so be careful and use low options if you need it!
  • Proper form is emphasized so you don't injure anything!  If you get lost, you can just jog in place.
  • This is High Intensity Interval Training so be prepared to work really hard!
My Tips:

  • Come a little early to class and let the instructor know that you are new so that basic moves can be shown to you ahead of time.
  • If you're a beginner, it is best to stay with low impact options until you've taken about 4-5 classes.
  • Do not get discouraged. It takes about 4-5 classes to get your strength, stamina and endurance going.
  • Have FUN!
Here's a BodyAttack™video promo:

If you have an questions on finding a Body ATTACK class near you or if you want to become a certified  BodyATTACK™ instructor, feel free to email me and I can let you know the details.

To learn more about BodyATTACK™, check out the moves, the music, or find a class near you, head to the Les Mills BodyATTACK website.

Have you taken a BodyATTACK™ class? What did you like/dislike?

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