Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where was I?

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Good morning !

My computer was *on the fritz* which is why I have not been able to blog for the past few days. I have a Mac and the power plug has NOT been connecting to the computer at all....therefore I would slowly run out of power but had no way to get it back on to the power source. So I tried to save my *computer time* until hubby could get it to the pros at Apple. Long story short----we now have a new power cord [2nd one in 2 years]. Why Apple, why???

Anyhoo---- on to Eat In Month Day 14. I've been doing well and used my *free meal pass* this past Friday when hubby and I had sushi for lunch. We had a coupon {of course}, to a local Sushi place (Yuzen Sushi) that we paid $16 for 50 dollars worth of sushi {not bad}.

Here's some of my other recent eats...

Plain Bagel Thins w/ Light Cream Cheese
California Bacon Burger on a Sandwich Thin...
..... with Sweet Potato Fries on the side
This past week was busy at work as well....from teaching and subbing for other instructors and home projects of my own.

Our launch will be this coming Saturday January 21st so this week will be busy with practice as well.
Here's our local commercial...

If you're local....check us out.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

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