Monday, January 16, 2012

Window treatment

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Hi friends!!!

Guess who snuck into our porch the other day to say "Hello". 

See that black 4-legged thing down below???
Yes, it was crouching tiger  and I caught him, too...just as he was making his escape.

How was your weekend?

My current project involves the master bedroom and I spent much of Saturday removing the drapery rod and re-installing it about 10 inches higher.

I changed out the drapery that we had from Dupioni Silk Red {that I got from Pottery Barn} to this cool blueish green drapes from World Market {on sale at $35 each = 4 panels}. They now give the optical illusion that the windows are larger since I changed it from an 84" to a 96"... and it's a much lighter, more soothing color than the previous.
I then had to patch the area where I had wall anchors holding the rod securely and then touch-up painting the spot afterwards.

Lots more to do in the bedroom but I'm getting there little-by-little.

We also met with a "tile contractor" to see how much it would cost us to change out the backsplash in our kitchen but that's another story-----and another room.

Sunday was spent doing household chores and practicing the new Body Attack routine for this coming weekend launch.

Did you have a weekend project? Anything ongoing?

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