Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And...I ran!

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Hey, hey, hey!
    All of a sudden it's Wednesday. I'm excited for today because I've got a long-awaited massage scheduled this afternoon. The gal cancelled 2 weeks ago, so today is the day [to get my knots away]...

    Some other good news, I went for a TM run today. Hubby and I are planning on running Bloomsday this year - just for fun. I had a really good time last year (PR of 1:07) but that's after I've been running for at least 10 months. But if you've been following this blog, you know all about my running hiatus because of my knee injury. So I'm taking it easy this year.

    Here's my "training plan" so far -

    I had the TM on 5.0 - 5.3 speed and I did well. I've also been using my orthotics when I run so I know that at least it's helping {no matter how small...I know at least it's not hurting}. It's tough to train for a race especially with other cardio classes peppered throughout the week. But I'm trying to stick to my plan and goals for 2012.

    #marchphotaday *5pm*
    Something to read:
    Zumba song:
    In the Search- by Opie B

    'talk to you soon!

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    1. a great training plan! I like to visit your blog!
      Luiza ;)



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